CF Summit 2018 – Customizing Your Windows Experience – Pick Your Own Journey

Guna Vijayaratnam and I had the pleasure of speaking at Cloud Foundry Summit 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts back in April of 2018.

Cloud Foundry provides users with a great deal of flexibility in terms of customizing the Windows experience (at the IaaS or Application) on the platform. There are several layers where this customization can be accomplished – through Bosh managed Windows releases or the actual Windows containers that host the applications.

Some of the areas that customers typically have a need to customize include:

  1. Managing additional Windows services thats running on the actual VM.
  2. Customizing frameworks that developers need to run their applications.
  3. Managing 3rd party add-ons that are necessary to the telemetry and monitoring of their applications from an enterprise monitoring tool.

In this talk, Guna and Rick cover strategies for accomplishing each of these tasks with a brief example of how they can be accomplished.


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