Delphi for .NET Developer’s Guide

Delphi for .NET Developer’s Guide
By Xavier Pacheco
ISBN 0-672-32443-1
Published by Sams

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Summary of the book
Table of Contents

Purchase Information

The easiest way to purchase Delphi for .NET Developer’s Guide is to click on this link. By using this links to order Delphi for .NET Developer’s Guide, I get a small percentage of the book sale. Thanks for buying the book!

Remember to look at the CD-ROM where you will find all of the book’s chapters in PDF format, numerous demos of third-party tools/components, source code from the book and additional source code that did not fit in the book itself.

Summary of the Book
Borland Delphi will embrace and generate programs for Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Until now, this was a technology not available to Delphi developers using Borland’s tools. This book will bridge that gap by providing the expert knowledge of both Delphi and. NET with the same, practicable and real-world solutions approach used in previous Delphi Developer’s Guides. Delphi for .NET Developer’s Guide is a new edition of the #1 Delphi book by authors Xavier Pacheco and Steve Teixeira. Steve and Xavier are of the winners of the Delphi Informant Reader’s Choice Award for their three previous editions of the book. This newest edition is completely updated for Delphi using the .NET Framework and includes in-depth coverage on Borland’s new CLX architecture, DBExpress Applications, SOAP, CORBA, WebSnap and BizSnap features. It continues as a complete reference and authoritative guide to the newest version of Delphi. Additional topics covered include The .NET Framework; Programs, Units, and Namespaces;.NET Security Custom WinForms Controls; Memory Management and Garbage Collection; COM and COM+ Interoperability; ADO.NET, ASP.NET and Web Services

Table of Contents


Part I – Introduction to the .NET Framework

 1  Introduction to .NET
 2  Overview of the .NET Framework

Part II – Delphi for .NET Programming Language

 3  Introduction to Delphi for .NET and the New IDE
 4  Programs, Units, and Namespaces
 5  The Delphi Language (Steve Teixeira)

Part III – The .NET Framework Class Library Development

 6  Assemblies – Libraries and Packages (Steve Teixeira)
 7  GDI+ Programming – Drawing in .NET
 8  Mono – A Cross Platform .NET Project (Steven Beebe)
 9  Memory Management and Garbage Collection
10  Collections
11  Working with the String and StringBuilder Classes
12  File and Streaming Operations
13  Developing Custom WinForms Controls (Steve Teixeira)
14  Threading in Delphi for .NET (Rick Ross)
15  Reflection API
16  Interoperability – COM Interopt and the Platform Invocation Service (Brian Long)

Part IV – Database Development with ADO.NET

17  Overview of ADO.NET
18  Using the Connection Object
19  Using Command and DataReader Objects
20  DataAdapters and DataSets
21  Working with WinForms – DataViews and Data Binding
22  Saving Data to the Data Source
23  Working with Transactions and Strongly-Typed Datasets
24  The Borland Data Provider

Part V – Internet Development with ASP.NET

25  ASP.NET Fundamentals
26  Building ASP.NET Web Pages
27  Building Database Driven ASP.NET Applications
28  Building Web Services
29  .NET Remoting and Delphi
30  .NET Remoting in Action (Alessandro Federici)
31  Securing ASP.NET Applications
32  ASP.NET Deployment and Configuration
33  Caching and Managing State in ASP.NET Applications
34  Developing Custom ASP.NET Server Controls (Nick Hodges)


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