Today marks the 228th birthday of the United States of America. I have been truly blessed to live in the greatest nation in the world. The freedom that we have been given has allowed this country to prosper beyond compare.

Freedom gives individuals the right to start a business and make it succeed or fail. It is the right to speak or write concepts whether others agree with them or not. The founding fathers paved the way to allow the most important freedom, freedom of religious expression.

Yet, why is it, that companies have a tendency to lay down various policies that take freedom away from their employees? Don’t take this the wrong way. I am not opposed to policies, per se, but when there is a policy for everything, warning bells should go off.

Recently I learned of a company that has enacted certain policies that take away rights of those that work there. In fact, I would say that instead of giving their employees freedom, they are running the company like a dictatorship. This is exact opposite of how a company should be run, because it screams “I don’t trust my employees”.

Instead of building a team, where everyone is working towards a common goal, the company is erecting walls. It is becoming a place with an “us” verses “them” mentality. How can a company achieve its goals with all of the internal fighting going on? The bottom line is that it cannot.

Companies that trust their employees are not worried about setting policies for everything. Instead, they empower their employees. They grant them freedom.

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