Kylix FAQ: Running Kylix applications outside the IDE

There have been numerous questions on the borland newsgroups (news://borland.public.kylix.*) about how to run Kylix applications outside of the IDE.

The problem usually manifests itself with an error that states “error while loading shared libraries:”.

Kylix 3 applications that error is

   undefined symbol: initPAnsiStrings

For Kylix 2 applications the error looks like: cannot load shared object file: No such file or directory

So what exactly is going on here? The Linux loader is unable to find the shared object libraries needed by the application.

Linux locates shared object libaries in several ways. One way they are located is by using the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Other methods are explained in

this paper.

If you are running this application on the same box that Kylix is installed on, simply run the kylixpath script located in the bin directory before executing your application. Executing this script looks similar to the following:

$ source /opt/kylix3/bin/kylixpath

$ ./yourappnamehere

Running an application on another Linux box where Kylix is not installed requires additional steps. More information can be found in my Deploying Kylix 3 Applications paper.

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