March statistics

Since moving my domain, I’ve had the luxury of monitoring all sorts of cool statistics found in my web server’s log file. Using Webalizer, I’ve had the opportunity to see how my website is being used. Now that I have a full months worth of data, here is some interesting results:

Monthly Statistics for March 2004
Total Hits20756
Total Files17905
Total Pages6167
Total Visits3828
.Avg Max
Hits per Hour27141
Hits per Day6691241
The top four URLs for March are:

  1. The home page
  2. Deploying Kylix 3 Applications
  3. Writing Distributed .NET Applications
  4. RSS 2.0 for my website

The top three search strings for March are:

  1. Rick Ross
  2. delphi 8 examples
  3. kylix

This has certainly been an enlightening experience for me. What I particularly found interesting was a couple of things. First of all, I’m my best referrer by a large margin, although google has been moving up a bit. Second, some of the search terms that were directed to my site seemed to indicate that there is still interest with Kylix. Finally, there quite of few people interested in RSS content.

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