Switching Hosting Companies

After about 10 months hosting my website on Slicehost.com, I decided to change hosting companies. Because moving to a new hosting company is always costly in terms of time, money and lost opportunities, I carefully considered my options before making this decision.

Back in October of 2008 Rackspace acquired Slicehost and like other acquisitions, it takes time to determine how the new organization will be structured and how their offers will be redesigned. Earlier this month, they determined how they were moving forward and as a result, Slicehost customers will be migrated to Rackspace’s Cloud solutions.

Slicehost sent out an email and created a specific forum to notify their customers about the upcoming changes and to provide a space to ask and answer questions. I monitored the forums to learn more about this upcoming change.

My time with Slicehost has been very positive. Their customer service has been very responsive and their products and services have been a good match for what I needed from a hosting company.

That being said, the reason I decided to switch came down to a lack of specific details on when the switch would need to occur. Not knowing when I would need to do the switch, or the impact on the services running on my server, or how much time I would have to complete the migration were all unanswered questions.

Given my inability to anticipate when I would be forced to migrate my server, I decided to move to a new hosting company over the Memorial Day weekend.

Do you have any guesses to which company I switched to?

Find out in the next post.

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