Woo hoo! The transition is complete!

I haven’t added any blog entries lately, since I’ve been very busy working on the site redesign which you now can see for yourself. Visually, the changes are very subtle. Unless you have an eagle eye or a photographic memory, you probably won’t even notice them 😉

I’ve decided to move my blog to the main page, which allows me to add content much easier and more frequently. Other changes that I have made are not visible, but provide me with a nice architecture to base this site on. There is still work to be done… So stay tuned.

I think I have gotten the kinks out of the system, but if I haven’t, please send me an E-mail at rick at rick dash ross dot com.

Finally, I want to thank Jason Price of TuxCode.com. Jason was instrumental in helping me redesign the site and make a very smooth transition.

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