Word 2003 saving to HTML

In the process of converting my resume to HTML (using Word 2003), I ran into a few snags. When I looked at the HTML version locally with Internet Explorer and Firefox, my resume looked exactly how I would have expected it to. So I uploaded the HTML version to my website and double checked it again within both browsers. Much to my surprise, I saw lots of question marks in both browsers. Wierd. So I uploaded my resume to my old Angelfire account, and looked at it again. This time it worked!

I decided to look at the contents of the html file, so I loaded the html into XVI32 (a very nice hex editor written in Delphi) and noticed some extended characters. So I used XVI32 to search/replace the following extended charcters into the appropriate characters.

  1. Hex A0 (dec 160) ==>   (non-breaking space)
  2. Hex 96 (dec 150) ==> – (hyphen)
  3. Hex 92 (dec 148) ==> ‘ (apostrophe)

Once I these extended characters where replaced, I uploaded the file and tested again. Woo hoo! It worked.

I haven’t had a chance to research this extended character/Apache issue fully, so if anyone has any insight, please leave a comment or e-mail me.

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