Another published author in the house!

If you’re looking for technical content, feel free to skip this post 😉

My lovely wife Clarissa has just published her first book! Her book is titled The Power of the Truth. I realize that the vast majority of those who frequent this site are not her target audience, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Clarissa has been writing poems, short stories, and full length books for some time, but never really let anyone but her family and close friends read her material. Over the years I have been encouraging her to publish her books. So now there are two published authors in our house!

Clarissa decided to go the self-published route with Lulu which gave her the flexibility and the creativity to control the entire process. One of the options she had was to use a pre-designed book cover or to upload a custom book cover. Over the course of a couple of evenings, we designed the book cover.

The book has one more step to go through before it’s available at Amazon or bookstores for special orders. Once it’s available, I’ll post the appropriate link.

Congratulations Clarissa!

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