WSE 2.0 Error Code WSE032

I recently discovered a problem with a WinForms application talking to a Web Service using the Web Services Enhancements. The application worked on some computers but on others the application threw a System.Configuration.ConfigurationException with an error code of WSE032.

I did a quick search and I came across the following explanation, but that didn’t apply to the situation that I had. If you have a case where you’re trying to access a web service on your development box and are not connected to a network, then the above link will solve your problem.

My situation was different. I had simply referenced the Microsoft.Web.Services2.dll assembly in my project, and deployed that with the application. Unfortunately it worked on some computers but not all. After more research and reading the EULA that comes with WSE 2.0 Service Pack 3, I discovered that I was required to install the Web Services Enhancements runtime. So I included the appropriate .msi file and launched it with the following command line

msiexec /i “Microsoft WSE 2.0 SP3 Runtime.msi” /quiet

After the runtime was installed the application worked like a champ. Problem solved!

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