BorCon 2003: I’m in San Jose!

My wife and I made it to San Jose today about 5:55 pm PST. Believe it or not, but it was warmer in Michigan than California! What is up with that?

I knew I would be on the same plane as Ken Faw. We were pleasantly surprised when we ran into Eric Whipple too!

The plane ride was smooth, although way too long. Evidently we were flying into 110 MPH winds! Hopefully on the way home will get a real nice tail wind and make up some time!

We are staying at the Fairmont Hotel. One word. Wow! It’s a real classy place. Tomorrow I hope to take some pictures and make those available.

We met back up with Ken and decided to go to dinner at Blake’s Steakhouse . While waiting for Ken to meet up with my wife and I, we ran into Patrick McMichael. We managed to twist his arm and he joined us for dinner.

The food was very good. Highly recommended. If you’re in San Jose and like Prime Rib, this is the place.

I will make every effort to update my blog at least once a day during BorCon 2003!

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