This morning when I woke up at 3:30 PST, I realized that I should have forced myself to stay up later than I did. After lying in bed, trying too hard to sleep, I decided to take a shower and get ready for the day.

I arrived at the registration desk at 7:00 am and checked in. I was given a nice backpack full of goodies. The backpack contained the following:

* Conference Program Guide
* A PDC WinFX Developer Preview poster
* A copy of the November 2003 Issue of Delphi Informant
* A BEA development and resource kit
* A evaluation copy of Windows 2003 Server
* Microsoft Tablet PC SDK V1.5 CD-ROM
* An invitation to the Delphi Launch Party (following the Meet the .NET Team session)
* 2003 Borland Conference Evaluation kit containing the following:

* CaliberRM
* Together Edition for C++BuilderX
* C++BuilderX Architect
* C#Builder Architect
* JBuilder Enterprise
* JBuilder Mobile Edition
* Optimizeit Enterprise Suite
* Optimizeit ServerTrace, DataCenter
* Janeva
* InterBase
* StarTeam

Update: I almost forgot about the nice black T-Shirt too. The logo is a circle with the six phases of software development: Manage / Define / Design / Develop / Test / Deploy.

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